10 kitchen knife safety tips for kids

A Knife is a cutting instrument mainly used in household and kitchen purposes. Though it is considered as a useful instrument but improper use of the knife can cause injuries to body parts. Children like to imitate what they see so, they will try it for themselves someday with or without your presence. There are some basic rules for using a knife properly. So everyone should know and practice them for the safety of their children.

Here’s the Top Ten Kitchen Knife Safety Tips For Kids Everyone Should Know:

  1. Using small knife at first: Only you know the capabilities of your children. My advice will be to use a small knife at first. The knife must be sharped with a medium handle. First, teach your kids to cut things which can be cut easily with low pressure.
  2. Select knife based on age and maturity: The next thing is to select a knife based on your children maturity. Depending on the age of your children there are various blades available in the market. So choose any of them to keep them safe and interested in cutting.
  3. Inspire them to practice: We know practice makes a man perfect. So by practicing everyday, your children will be skillful in cutting. Teach your children the basic outlines of proper using of the knife before going to practical work.kitchen knife safety tips for kids
  4. Avoid catching fallen knife: It is almost impossible to catch a falling knife. Because there is a sharp portion and there is 50% chance of injury if you try to catch a fallen one.If you find a knife is fallen just step aside.When a knife is fallen hard enough it will bounce. To maintain at least 3 ft distance from a fallen knife.
  5. Safety precaution while carrying: Previously I said that there are two parts in a knife a sharp blade and a handle. So it is necessary to use a safety cap while carrying. Avoid carrying it upwards or downwards or towards you. It is advisable not to carry a knife while running or when you are in a hurry.
  6. Selection of proper knife: There is a variety of knife which performs a various function. So depending on the function you have to choose the particular knife. For example, while cutting fish we use a knife with a sharp edge but for the vegetable, we use around one.
  7. kitchen safety tips for kidsUse of proper cutting surface: As your children is a beginner, they have to use a cutting surface which has a definite grip.Otherwise, the element may fall down and causes injury. Cutting board prevents the knife from the slip.Moreover, it reduces the spread of harmful bacteria and another harmful element.
  8. Sharpness: The knife must have a definite sharpness. Dull and blunt knives are mainly responsible for knife injuries.When using a dull knife you have to create some extra pressure which may cause knife slip resulting injuries.
  9. Storing knife correctly: It is the most important part of using a knife. Keep the knife out of reach from your small children. Use knife block for keeping your kitchen knife and outdoor knife may keep in their respective sheaths.
  10. Giving attention: Every work needs attention. While cutting, it needs some extra attention and focus. If your children do not give full attention, they are more likely to cut themselves. So advise them to give full attention or concentration while cutting.

These are only some basic rules for the parents. The main necessity is proper attention and real power to enhance safety measures around your home. By following the above rules you can easily teach your children about the use of a knife properly.


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Allan James - October 8, 2017

Thanks a lot for sharing such a helpful post about kitchen knife safety tips. No doubt! I am so much impressed by your tips. keep posting such kind of information on your page. You’ve performed an incredible job.


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