10 Tips On How To Cut Sushi Rolls

Since you are reading this article, I can assure you have already developed a love for Sushi. This one-sided love can cost you bucks even re-financing your home is not impossible !!

Fortunately, Sushi can be prepared at home just as delicious as the ones they sell in the store. You have to learn to slice the fish evenly and it’s not cutting your fish fillets into small chunks.

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All you have to do is to remember the tips following regarding Sushi preparation:

10 Tips On How To Cut Sushi Rolls

sushi knife to use for sushi rolls

Make sure your fish is cut nicely in the market:

If your fish is not cut into pieces evenly and appropriate for making Sushi, It becomes way harder to slice sushi rolls. Indistinctly cut fish fillets won’t help you to cut horizontally through the piece with the knife.


Have Sharp Knives:

I think you have already noticed sushi chefs using very sharp knives. These are mainly Yanagibas, Traditional Japanese knives for Sushi making, long enough to make a single cut through a piece of fish. It’s actually a single-bevel knife used for fish.


Cut At An Angle:

As soon as you start cutting the fish, you will notice that the connecting tissue has a specific grain to it. You won’t be able to cut straight through this compact grain structure. That’s why you must cut against this grain at an angle. If your fish was cut correctly by the fishmonger, cutting would be easy.


Hold Your Knife Parallelly To The Cutting Board:

Holding your knife parallelly to the cutting board is much necessary. Otherwise, The Sushi roll won’t acquire its desired shape.

Adjust Angle:

No two fishes will have the same kind of flesh type and grain structure. You have to adjust your knife angle while cutting. Too much of these tissues won’t be easy to chew. This will ensure proper texture and shape of your Sushi roll.


Keep an eye on Measurements:tips about sushi rolls

You want your pieces of fish to have a cross-section that measures half an inch in length and half an inch in width. Your Sushi rolls must have uniform size and shape.


Cover your roll while cutting:

Use a sheet of plastic wrap to cover your roll while cutting. Make inside-out rolls and the plastic will help you keep the rice together and also with overall stability while slicing.


Keep an extra bowl of water:

Keep an extra bowl of water for dipping the knife blade for an individual roll. The other one you can use for damping nori to seal it while making sure you don’t make it overweight.

Use Quality Toothed Knife:

The trick of a good roll is leaning the blade on the nori roll and after that, moving the knife without any pressure. The slice must be cut only by the teeth of the blade.


Use Two Motions:

Professional Sushi chefs often recommend cutting rolls in two motions. First, One slice forward which brings you halfway through the roll. Then, slice backward to complete cutting.


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