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Illinois Knife Laws

Illinois knife law

Knife laws in Illinois are pretty confusing. According to almost all renowned sites, switchblades, ballistic knives, and throwing stars are illegal in Illinois.

But, there has been a recent update in Illinois knife laws where “switchblades are not illegal anymore. There are some facts though; we’ll discuss it in this article.


Knives that are Illegal in Illinois

From the laws of 2012 carrying and owning knives in Illinois are illegal for those below,

  • Switchblades
  • Throwing Stars
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Black-jack
  • Ballistic knives were illegal and,
  • Daggers, dirks, stilettos, billy only when you have intent to do any crime.
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Indiana Knife Laws

Indiana knife law

Indiana is one of the knife-friendliest states. Switchblades and almost all other knives are legal here.

Only ballistic knives and throwing stars are illegal or banned in Indiana.


Knives that are Illegal in Indiana

As it is mentioned above, only ballistic knives and ninja throwing stars are illegal as well as banned in Indiana.

The code 35-47-5-2 explains the illegality of the Ballistic knives.Read the rest

Iowa Knife laws

Iowa knife laws

Iowa is a friendly state for knife ownership laws. Only ballistic knives are banned here otherwise all kind of knives are legal to own.

But there are some restrictions while carrying knives concealed. Although, you can carry openly any knives you want.


Knives that are Illegal in Iowa

According to Iowa knife laws, as it is mentioned at the beginning, all knives are legal to own here except the “ballistic knives”.… Read the rest

Colorado Knife Laws

Colorado Knife Laws

Knife laws in Colorado are straight forwarded and strict a little bit easy to understand and less tricky. There are some knives totally banned in Colorado.

Concealed knife laws and blade sizes are some important factors in Colorado for the knife laws.

And after the updated version of the knife laws, there some changes have been shown up. To make them all clear to you, this article may help you.… Read the rest

Alabama Knife Laws

Alabama knife law

Knife laws in Alabama are friendly for all knives except for the Bowie knives and similar to those.

Bowies can be owned but cannot be carried concealed. Even one would get into trouble selling one of those sorts of knives.

Otherwise, there are no difficulties in the knife laws in Alabama once you get to know them.

Knives that are Illegal in Alabama

You can own or possess all kinds of knives in Alabama except for the single-edged bladed knives also known as KA-BAR knives are illegal here.… Read the rest