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  • New Mexico Knife Laws

    New Mexico Knife LawsKnife laws in New Mexico are pretty strict for the knife-users. Concealed carrying of deadly or dangerous knives is completely banned here.

    To know the list of the banned knives, you can follow this article because we are here to give you the thorough discussion of the US knife laws of this state.



    Knives that are Prohibited in New Mexico

    Switchblades and other automatic knives are totally banned in Mexico.… Read the rest

  • New Jersey Knife Laws

    New Jersey Knife LawsNew Jersey knife laws are broad but less tricky. Also, this state is not that knife-user friendly like the previous ones.

    There are a lot of restrictions which you need to remember before owning a knife.

    We are here to give you the possible explanations of the laws for your knowledge. Hope this article helps!



    Prohibited Knives in New Jersey

    It is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree according to the knife laws in New Jersey whoever knowingly and unlawfully possesses a gravity knife, switchblade, dirk, dagger, stiletto, ballistic knife, metal knuckle, billy, blackjack, sand club, slingshot and any other razor blades that are embedded in the woods.… Read the rest

  • Montana Knife Laws

    Montana knife lawsMontana is very strict for the knife concealing issues but there remain some confusion and exception about which we are going to provide every possible explanation.

    Here, knife owning laws are friendly except for some restrictions. You have to know the blade size of the knives first as this is an important factor here for the knife-users.

    To know more in detail, this article might help you with the broad discussion of the knife laws in Montana.… Read the rest

  • Nevada Knife Laws

    Nevada Knife LawsNevada is now one of the friendliest states for knife owning as well as knife carrying issues. There are no knives illegal to own or to carry here (except some restrictions) from Nevada’s latest updated statutes of 2018. But most of the popular sites still have not updated these new laws.

    To know more about the Nevada knife laws, we are here to provide you with the most updated statutes comparing with the old laws and the proper explanations.… Read the rest

  • Missouri Knife Laws

    Missouri Knife LawsKnife laws in Missouri are pretty relaxing for the knife-owners and for open carries. There, almost all kinds of knives are legal to own except for the switchblades.

    Concealed carrying is a big issue here like the most other states. Here blade size also matters for particular knives.

    We are going to discuss all these and provide possible explanations of the laws’ statements.… Read the rest

  • Nebraska Knife Laws

    Nebraska Knife LawsNebraska knife owning laws are different from the other states. There is no specific knife illegal to own but there are restrictions for some individuals owning knives.

    Concealing issues with particular blade sizes are important here also.

    There are other rules and regulations according to the knife laws in Nebraska. So, to know the laws thoroughly, this article may help you with the ideas.… Read the rest

  • Mississippi Knife laws

    Mississippi Knife lawsMississippi knife laws emphasize mostly on the knife concealing issues. Also, laws for the minors are quite strict here.

    Though knife owning laws are not that complicated, you need to follow the restrictions while carrying some particular dangerous knives.

    To know more in detail about the knife laws in Mississippi, you may read the full article here.


    Knives that are Illegal in Mississippi


    We have divided this part into two sections- knife owning laws and knife carrying laws.… Read the rest

  • Knife Laws Maryland

    Maryland Knife LawsIn Maryland, you can own any knife you want. But you have to face restrictions when it is about carrying them openly or concealed.

    Some particular dangerous knives are illegal both carrying concealed or openly but are absolutely legal when you own them.

    Knife laws for the minors are also strict here in Maryland.

    Knife laws are pretty complicated here and you have to remember these with little things very carefully.… Read the rest

  • Georgia Knife Laws

    Georgia Knife LawsGeorgia has got one of the coolest and friendliest knife laws in the United States of America. There are no strict rules to follow and no knives are illegal to carry concealed or openly and also to own.

    Only the blade size of the knives and licensing are the important factors here. Otherwise, you are getting the friendliest environment for knives’ ownership in Georgia.… Read the rest

  • Florida Knife Laws

    Florida Knife LawsKnife laws in Florida consider the only ballistic knife as an illegal one. Concealment of a knife is an issue unless been licensed.

    Overall, Florida’s knife laws are quite friendly once you get to know them.


    Illegal knives and other restrictions

    According to the knife laws in Florida, ballistic knives or self-propelled knives are illegal. This sort of knife is illegal to carry, own, manufacture, display, sell or buy and anything.… Read the rest