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Mississippi Knife laws

Mississippi Knife lawsMississippi knife laws emphasize mostly on the knife concealing issues. Also, laws for the minors are quite strict here.

Though knife owning laws are not that complicated, you need to follow the restrictions while carrying some particular dangerous knives.

To know more in detail about the knife laws in Mississippi, you may read the full article here.


Knives that are Illegal in Mississippi


We have divided this part into two sections- knife owning laws and knife carrying laws.… Read the rest

Knife Laws Maryland

Maryland Knife LawsIn Maryland, you can own any knife you want. But you have to face restrictions when it is about carrying them openly or concealed.

Some particular dangerous knives are illegal both carrying concealed or openly but are absolutely legal when you own them.

Knife laws for the minors are also strict here in Maryland.

Knife laws are pretty complicated here and you have to remember these with little things very carefully.… Read the rest

Georgia Knife Laws

Georgia Knife LawsGeorgia has got one of the coolest and friendliest knife laws in the United States of America. There are no strict rules to follow and no knives are illegal to carry concealed or openly and also to own.

Only the blade size of the knives and licensing are the important factors here. Otherwise, you are getting the friendliest environment for knives’ ownership in Georgia.… Read the rest

Florida Knife Laws

Florida Knife LawsKnife laws in Florida consider the only ballistic knife as an illegal one. Concealment of a knife is an issue unless been licensed.

Overall, Florida’s knife laws are quite friendly once you get to know them.


Illegal knives and other restrictions

According to the knife laws in Florida, ballistic knives or self-propelled knives are illegal. This sort of knife is illegal to carry, own, manufacture, display, sell or buy and anything.… Read the rest

Minnesota Knife Laws

Minnesota Knife Laws

According to the knife laws in Minnesota, owning all sorts of knives is legal here except the switchblades. There are some knife carrying laws but if you are a bit aware of your exposal, these won’t be a problem at all.

Knife laws are pretty different and broad in Minnesota than the other states. Once you get to know the laws properly, you may not find any difficulties and we are going to discuss those elaborately.… Read the rest

Connecticut Knife laws

Connecticut Knife laws

Knife laws in Connecticut mainly focus on the knife carrying issue and the length of the blades.

According to this state, almost all kind of knives are legal to own and you can have those in your home easily.

You just need to go through only some restrictions while carrying particular dangerous knives openly and concealed. That’s why knowing the laws for your safety is better than getting into any trouble later.… Read the rest

Knife Laws Maine

Maine Knife LawsKnife laws in Maine are quite similar to the previous state’s (Louisiana)knife laws but here the laws are stricter, especially on the concealment issue.

Switchblades, gravity knives, and other automatic knives are banned here. There are restrictions for carrying dangerous weapons such as dirks, daggers too.

To make the laws easier for you to understand, this article is providing you the thorough discussion of the laws’ statements.… Read the rest

Delaware Knife laws

Delaware Knife lawsKnife laws in Delaware are quite strict but straightforward, where some knives are totally banned. Here, concealment of a dangerous knife is an important factor.

Unlike Connecticut, there are no options in Delaware to own a particular knife if that is illegal to carry outside.

In Delaware, some knives are completely banned- for carrying, selling, owning and even displaying. Other than that, knife laws in Delaware are not that tricky.… Read the rest

Massachusetts Knife Laws

your Massachusetts Knife LawsKnife laws in Massachusetts are quite broadly described. You need to remember some important things if you want to know about the laws.

Though there are no banned knives to own here, knife carrying, manufacturing and selling are restricted to some particular knives in some particular situations.

To make all these clear to you, we are providing you the best explanations of the knife laws’ statements.… Read the rest

Michigan Knife Laws

Michigan Knife Laws

Knife laws in Michigan have recently been updated on October 10, 2017. Before that, there were some banned knives but after the update, there are no banned knives left in Michigan.

It has now become a knife-friendly state so far. But still, carrying knife laws remain the same here. But these are not that complicated once you get to know them.… Read the rest