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Kansas Knife Laws

kansas knife lawsAccording to the knife laws in Kansas, there are two banned knives which you cannot own and carry open or concealed.

Otherwise, you can carry and own any knives you want in Kansas because all other knives are legal here.


Knives that are banned according to the Kansas law

Owning, carrying, manufacturing, displaying, buying and selling “ballistic knives” and “throwing stars/metal knuckles” are illegal as well as banned in Kansas.… Read the rest

Hawaii Knife Laws

Hawaii knife lawHawaii possesses a straightforward knife law where all kind of double-edged blades or automatic knives are illegal and almost all kind of single-edged blades are legal.

There are some other restrictions on carrying knives open or concealed in Hawaii.


Knives that are Illegal to Carry in Hawaii

Double-edged blades or automatic knives are illegal in Hawaii as it is mentioned above.… Read the rest

Idaho Knife Laws

Idaho Knife LawsAccording to the knife laws in Idaho, any knives can be owned and be carried openly.

But there is quite a long list of restrictions on concealed carry knives. Blade size is also a big matter here.

Knife laws in Idaho are pretty strict than the other states and you got to remember a lot of things while knowing about the laws.… Read the rest

Illinois Knife Laws

Illinois knife law

Knife laws in Illinois are pretty confusing. According to almost all renowned sites, switchblades, ballistic knives, and throwing stars are illegal in Illinois.

But, there has been a recent update in Illinois knife laws where “switchblades are not illegal anymore. There are some facts though; we’ll discuss it in this article.


Knives that are Illegal in Illinois

From the laws of 2012 carrying and owning knives in Illinois are illegal for those below,

  • Switchblades
  • Throwing Stars
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Black-jack
  • Ballistic knives were illegal and,
  • Daggers, dirks, stilettos, billy only when you have intent to do any crime.
Read the rest

Indiana Knife Laws

Indiana knife law

Indiana is one of the knife-friendliest states. Switchblades and almost all other knives are legal here. Only ballistic knives and throwing stars are illegal or banned in Indiana.

The most emphasizing part of their knife laws is, carrying knives in the school grounds. It is completely illegal to carry knives in schools.


Knives that are Illegal in Indiana

As it is mentioned above, only ballistic knives and ninja throwing stars are illegal as well as banned in Indiana.… Read the rest

Iowa Knife laws

Iowa knife laws

Iowa is a friendly state for knife ownership laws. Only ballistic knives are banned here otherwise all kind of knives are legal to own.

But there are some restrictions while carrying knives concealed. Although, you can carry openly any knives you want.


Knives that are Illegal in Iowa

According to Iowa knife laws, as it is mentioned at the beginning, all knives are legal to own here except the “ballistic knives”.… Read the rest

Colorado Knife Laws

Colorado Knife LawsKnife laws in Colorado are straight forwarded and strict a little but easy to understand and less tricky. There are some knives totally banned in Colorado.

According to Colorado knife laws, people can carry and keep knives to protect them but they cannot conceal those.

C.R.S. Const. Art. No. 2, 13: “The right of no person to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property, or in aid of the civil power when thereto legally summoned, shall be called in question; but nothing herein contained shall be construed to justify the practice of carrying concealed weapons.”

Knives that are Banned in Colorado

Gravity knives, switchblades, and ballistic knives were illegal to carry but own one in the knife laws of Colorado 2014 and the code was C.R.S.Read the rest

California Knife Laws

California knife lawsKnife laws in California are not that friendly as the previous ones. There are different kind of knives which are illegal to carry, conceal or even own. There remain many rules and regulations in California when it is about knives.

California knife laws can sometimes be confusing and quite inconsistent. The laws have been changed several times.

To make all these clear to you, this article may help a lot.… Read the rest

Arkansas Knife Laws

Arkansas Knife LawsArkansas is another state of America with one of the friendliest knife laws. Now the most updated laws from 2013, Arkansas in fact, has no knives illegal to carry or own as Arizona and Alaska.

Most of the sites’ information may still confuse you by saying that, Arkansas’ restrictions over knives are only on the size of the blades. If it is over 3.5 inches, that knife would be illegal for you to carry.… Read the rest

Arizona Knife Laws

Arizona knife lawKnife laws in Arizona are no exceptions than Alaska’s knife laws. Arizona also has got the friendliest knife laws than other states and if it is ranked, it would be on top 3.

There are in fact no particular knives that are illegal in Arizona from its recent updated laws.

In Arizona, knife means a cutting instrument which includes a sharpened or pointed blade.… Read the rest