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Wyoming Knife Laws

Wyoming Knife LawsWyoming has got the friendliest knife laws than any other State. It does not count anything about a knife. You can own any knife and carry any knife openly and there is no prohibition.

But there is a controversy about concealing deadly weapons in Wyoming. Know more in the details about knife laws below.

Knife Possession Laws

As it is told at the beginning, there is no knife banned or prohibited to possess or own in this State.… Read the rest

Virginia Knife Laws

Virginia Knife LawsVirginia Knife Laws are not that descriptive and are quite restrictive for both the knife-owners and knife-users like the New York knife laws.

Knife possession laws, as well as the knife carry laws, especially in a concealed manner are strict here.

Though most of the States do not care at all about all types of knife possession or conceal carry, this State has some effective rules and prohibitions for its citizens which are appreciable.… Read the rest

Vermont Knife Laws

Vermont Knife LawsVermont’s knife laws are very straightforward and easy to understand. Switchblade is the banned knife in this State both for owning and carrying. Also, there are some other facts here.

To know the details of the knife laws in Vermont, you can rely on this article.



Knife Possession Laws

It is completely prohibited to possess, sell or offer for sale a switchblade knife with three inches or more blade length in Vermont.… Read the rest

Utah Knife Laws

Utah Knife LawsUtah knife laws are broad and there is a lot to explain about the statutes. To make the laws easy to understand, this knife law article may help you a lot.

We are providing you the best explanations of the statutes.

Knife Carry & Possession Laws

Utah emphasizes the “dangerous weapons” the most. It is illegal to carry, own or possess any knife when that knife is considered as the dangerous one for some restricted people.… Read the rest

South Dakota Knife Laws

South Dakota Knife LawsSouth Dakota is one of the friendliest States of all. There are no restrictions for knife carrying, knife owning or possessing.


Knife Possession Laws

Before 2006, switchblades, ballistic knives were banned in South Dakota. Then finally in 2006, all these statewide prohibitions were repealed and no knives were left banned. After that till now, people can own any kind of knives anywhere they want with any blade length.… Read the rest

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