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Best Karambits Buying Guide (Top 10 Reviews of 2018)

Self-defense is an important issue and you will need some sort of weapons for that. Carrying firearms is not easy and it needs permission in different parts of the world.


But there are no strict rules about carrying a sharp tool like a karambit. The sole intention is self-defense.


Have you ever used any karambit? Or do you have any ideas about how it is used in self-defense?Read the rest

Best Benchmade Knives in 2018

Benchmade Knives reviewsA couple of days ago I was talking with my friend about hunting, and he was lamenting that while his knives were good in their job, they didn’t look nearly as good as cutlery knives, or even Swiss knives.

That got me thinking – are all hunting knives, and utility knives in general, bad looking?

Then I remembered the iconic butterfly logo of a certain knife maker, and the answer came to me in the form of the best benchmade knives- no, there are stylish, sleek-looking knives out there that look stunning, and work like a charm too.… Read the rest

12 Best Neck Knives

A couple of years back I went on a camping trip with my girl gang and took my trusted old Swiss Army knife with me. But with all the trekking, it was getting difficult fitting the knife in my trouser pocket.

Seeing this, one of my friends loaned me what was possibly the best neck knives I ever used. It hung from my neck right under the t-shirt and came in real handy for cutting cords and other things.… Read the rest

11 Best Swiss Army Knife 2018 [Ultimate Survival Guide for U]

Swiss Army knives are legendary for their versatile use and handy design. There are not many tools that people can actually claim to have saved their lives.

The incredible stories span from cutting fishnets while being dragged into the sea by large catches, to actually fixing loose rail line connections to save the lives of hundreds.

During the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, doctors even performed surgery on a distressed victim with this knife, believe it or not!… Read the rest


Top 3 Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2018

Bowie Knife has a unique design which is originally meant for self-defense. Though today bowie fixed blade knife is being used by hunters, butchers for cutting meat as well as for wilderness survival.

There are also knife enthusiasts who procure bowie fix blade knife as collector’s items. Blacksmiths handcrafted the first few Bowie knives according to the particular requirements of an individual.… Read the rest


Our 4 Best Spyderco Knife Reviews in 2018

More than 30 years of experience, research and development have gone into finding the best steel and handle materials as well as manufacturing methods in order to create a Spyderco Knife.So when you hold a Spyderco knife in your hand you know that you are holding true quality and that it most definitely is the best Spyderco knife.

Spyderco knives are basically pocket knives with an ergonomically designed handle for better grip and a pocket or belt clip for more convenient carrying, although there are also non-foldable Spyderco Knife options available.… Read the rest


5 Best Camping Knife Reviews

The term “Camping Knife” basically refers to either a pocket knife, Swiss army knife, big and heavy knife, or any other type of knife used for activities that have to do with camping and survival.

Therefore a knife for camping and outdoor solely depends on the exact purpose it is to be used for, whether as an all-purpose tool, for fishing, first aid, and protection or just for preparing food.… Read the rest