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Best Skinning Knives Reviews in 2018|Top Models Compared & Reviewed!

When it comes to the best Skinning Knife there is a variety of things that you will need to consider, some skinning Knives will have a straight edge on them while others come with a gut hook.

The main purpose of a Skinning Knife is to take the hide or skin off effectively an animal with the most precision and ease. The Skinning Knife or Skinner is basically just a professional tool used by Skinners.

Most skinning knives have a wide and short blade with a strong edge that is not very flexible. A Skinning Knife is not actually a weapon or Knife per se but rather a hunting or skinning tool.


Our Top 3 Favorites Best Skinning Knives in 2018 For you:

We have looked at some of the most popular Skinning Knives available today and come up with a few of the highest rated and most sought-after options;

 The Cold Steel Mini TacKnife 

The Cold Steel Mini Tac Knife is known as the Best Deer Skinning Knife.

Similar to a curved knife the blade features a razor-sharp edge that can cut through almost any fur or skin as well as gut through fish.  The knife ensures a comfortable and strong grip and is rugged and durable enough even for tough use, so you need not worry about breaking it.


 CRKT K700KXP Ken Onion Skinner 

The CRKT Ken Onion Skinner is well known as all other Columbian River and tool Knives for its sharpness and fine quality construction.

Praised by many buyers this knife is popular for its extremely sharp blade and comfortable handle. Overall the CRKT Ken Onion Skinner is a lightweight and easy to use Skinning Knife.


 Buck Knives 0691BKG Buck Zipper Fixed Blade Knife with Guthook 

Buck Knives Introduces the Best Gut Hook and the Best Fixed Blade Skinning Knife in one, the Buck Zipper. Of all the Skinning Knives featured so far, this knife has the best edge retention and is also phenomenally sharp.

A slightly chunky and heavy knife, but still easy to use with a textured rubber handle and brass butt.


What’s the Best Skinning Knife?


Trying to find what will be the best type of Skinning Knife for you? Well then read further as here we are going to explain some of the significant differences in Skinning Knives;

The  Stag Handle Skinning Knife

A stag handle skinning knife is used by hunters for skinning animals and has a stag handle and curved blade for comfort and style.

Victorinox Curved Skinning Knife

The Victorinox Skinning Knife has a curved blade that is sharper and more efficient and is known for its high-quality blades.

Wood Handle Skinning Knife

A wood handle is much easier to grip and work with making the wood handle Skinning Knife a performance by most skinners.

What Is A Deer Skinning Knife

The best deer Skinning Knife will feature a handle that provides full grip and-and extremely sharp blade, perfect for skinning deer.

Handmade Skinning Knives

If you are looking for a unique and one of a kind Skinning Knife then a custom handmade Skinning Knife is perfect for you.

Skinning Knife Blade Shapes

You have a choice between a;

  1. clip point blade.
  2. curved blade.
  3. tanto point blade.
  4. drop point blade.
  5. needlepoint blade.
  6. sheep-foot blade.
  7. spear point blade.
  8. trailing point blade.
  9. the gut hook blade.
  10. fixed point blade.
  11. replaceable blades.

Each of this blade has unique functions and make for a diverse range of Skinning Knives.

So if you are looking for the best results you can use these recommendations to find the best Skinning Knife for your specific requirements and purposes.



What Should be Main Features of The Best Skinning Knife?

Here are some more fantastic features to consider when choosing the Best Skinning Knife;


The Design of the Blade

Different types of animals require different skinning techniques, therefore the design of the blade is absolutely critical for the best result. With some animals, you will require only the tip of the blade for the most effective skinning knife while with others the entire edge of the blade is required.

☑ The Blade length

The Blade Length will depend on the size of the animal you are skinning. With smaller animals, a shorter blade cuts easier and more precise, whereas you will need a bigger blade for medium animals and a large blade for larger animals.

☑ Best Steel For Skinning Knife

The type of steel from which the blade is manufactured is also critical. When you are skinning an animal you want a blade that retains its edge and stays razor sharpener, you also want a blade that’s slightly flexible and not so hard that it becomes brittle or breaks with regular sharpening.

There are two types of steels available, stainless steel and high carbon tool steels, carbon steel tends to be very tough while stainless steel tends to be more corrosion resistant…

The Handle

Look for an ergonomically-designed handle that you can hold the edge up or down with ease.

Most hunters and skinners prefer a handle that is aesthetically pleasing rather than tough, such as exotic hardwood handles, bone, horn or even fossil material handles.

Fixed Blade or Fold blade

The decision is entirely up to your own personal preference as both these knives are equally good. A folding blade is easier to keep in your pocket while a fixed blade that comes with a sheath which you can clip onto your belt.

What are The Advantages of Using the Skinning Knife?

Some advantages of having the best Skinning Knife;

☑ A sweeping Blade design

  • More comfortable to use.
  • Reduces hand fatigue

 A Curved Tip

  • Prevents you from puncturing the hide.
  • Prevents slicing of the meat.

☑ Survival and Outdoor Knife

  • Can be used to prepare food and cut meat when camping.
  • Can be used as survival knives for hunting and dressing.

☑ An Added Gut Hook

  • Gut open bellies and easily remove intestines.
  • Gut fish.

☑ A Carbon Steel Blade

  • A softer and more flexible blade.
  • Easier to make finer cuts.
  • Does not break as easily.
  • Can be sharpened more often without chipping.
  • The blade is thinner and bends


Ten Best Skinning Knives Reviewed Below:

If you want to make short work of gutting and or skinning then it is advised to make sure you have a well maintained and good quality Skinning Knife.

Below are reviewed on some of the customer favourites in Skinning Knives;


1. Buck Knives 113 Ranger Skinner Hunting Knife with Walnut Handle

This is not only the best quality Skinning Knife but also the best Skinning Knife under $50.

Visually well balanced and well ground with a blade that holds its edge, a wood handle, and brass guard. This Knife also has a lanyard hole and comes with a genuine leather sheath.


  • Great value for money.
  • Holds its edge very long.
  • Well balanced and well ground.
  • Very sharp blade.
  • Comes with fine quality leather sheath.


  • The handle is a bit small.
  • The wood handle also does not look the same as picture advertisement and is duller.


2. Mossberg Fixed Skinning Knife

If you are a hunter or outdoor knives enthusiast this is the best skinning knife for you, this is an all in one versatile skinning knife with a gut hook.

A flawless knife that is sharp and effective.


  • The blade is manufactured from non-glare stainless steel and is hard and durable.
  • A well-designed camouflage handle that ensures excellent grip.
  • A very affordable knife.
  • Included in the package is a Ballistic Sheath.


  • Does not come sharp out of the box.
  • The blade does not hold its edge very well.


3. Buck Knives 0103 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

The Buck Knives Skinner with a fixed blade is the USA made the knife with great quality for its price.

Comes sharp out of the box and holds its edge extremely well and works very well.


  • Extremely sharp, can cut through almost anything.
  • Holds its edge for a very long time.
  • You can choose between a normal or wood handle.
  • Comes with a durable leather sheath


  • The grip on the regular handle becomes slick when it is wet or greasy.
  • Not such an attractive design as the older models.
  • A gap between the guard and the blade is visible.


4. Piranta Bolt, 2 3/4 in. #60A Blade

A powerful skinning knife the Piranta Bolt has a stronger and thicker blade with a larger handle for better grip.

This is a versatile knife that can be used outdoors, for hunting and skinning.


  • Folding fillet knives with lock construction for safe and easy keeping.
  • The thicker and larger blade ensures more strength and durability.
  • A larger handle for improved grip.
  • The handle has black rubber inserts to prevent slipping.
  • Comes with a durable and removable pocket knife clip.


  • The replaceable blades get clogged up when cutting through thick pieces of meat.


5. Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Folding Hunting Knife 3-1/2″ Replaceable Stainless Steel Blade Kraton Handle

This folding hunting knife gives you the freedom of always having a sharp blade even if you do not have the time to sharpen the blade. The lock button gives you option of a new sharp blade and folds away the old one for sharpening later on.

The handles are rubberized for better grip and each knife comes with six replacement blades as well as a nylon sheath.


  • Six replaceable blades for when you do not have time to sharpen the blade.
  • A rubberized handle that prevents slipping for better grip.
  • Comes with a durable and functional nylon sheath.
  • This knife fits well with any hunting belt.
  • The extra blades have been packaged safely.
  • Great value for money.


  • Hard to get the knife out of the sheath because of the rubber handle.


6. Columbia River Knife and Tool K700KXP Ken Onion Skinner Fixed Razor Edge Knife

The Onion Skinner from Columbia River has been tested and improved for more than five years to establish the best design of the finest quality & considered one of the best skinning knife for hogs.

This knife has been proven on Alaskan bears, deer, elk, moose even antelope and hogs with the finest results so far.


  • Excellent for skinning, deboning and making fine cuts.
  • The handle has a deep finger Choil that improves grip and prevents slipping.
  • A Lanyard and sheath included in the packaging.
  • Extremely sharp for fine cuts.


  • Bad quality sheath.
  • Not the best quality steel.


7. Bone Collector Hand Made Skinning / Hunting Knife BC807

This is a handcrafted Skinning Knife made from the finest quality materials, ideal for hunting, camping, skinning, fishing and other outdoor activities.


  • A full Tang steel blade that is strong and durable.
  • Finely detailed bone is used to make the handle.
  • The leather sheath is also handmade.
  • Well balanced and razor sharp with good retaining properties on edge.
  • Great value for money & considered one of the best skinning knives for outdoor activity.


  • The sheath is not made from the best quality leather.


8. HavalonPiranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife -Best Cheap Skinning Knife

The HavalonPiranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife is one of the sharpest skinning knives that holds its edge the longest.

It balances perfect control with the easy grip handle and precision cutting with the superior blade. A great option for both skinning and field dressing.


  • Extremely sharp
  • Great edge retention.
  • Plastic handle with rubber panels for better grip.
  • A safety liner lock.
  • Thumb studs allow for faster one-handed opening.



  • Not for heavy-duty use.
  • Cheaply made.


9. WatchFireGuthook Skinning Knife

The WatchFireGuthook Skinning Knife is has a 9 inch tough and durable stainless steel blade with a black finish and a skid proof handle.

The gut hook blade is an additional extra and it comes with a sheath. The perfect skinning knife for larger game.


  • A solid and well-made knife, perfect for the larger
  • A comfortable and durable handle.
  • The full tang improves the overall strength and durability.
  • The handle pins are a stunning mosaic design.
  • A discreet leather sheath is also included.



  • No drain holes in the leather sheath.
  • A slightly heavy knife.
  • The fiber inlay has a gap on the bottom right side of the knife.


10. Buck Knives 401 Kalinga Fixed Blade Knife

The Kalinga from Buck Knives is one of the ultimate favourites of all the Buck Knives.

A top choice for a hunting or skinning knife or even just as a collectable.


  • An ergonomically designed handle for a more comfortable grip.
  • Excellent strength and edge retention in the steel blade.
  • The blade is also corrosion resistant.
  • A genuine leather sheath included in the package.
  • Comes with the famous Buck forever warranty ensuring great quality.
  • One of the highest rated Skinning and Hunting Knives


  • Bigger than expected or in the picture.



11. Buck 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath

This is a folding hunting and skinning knife that is great for more detailed work because of its sharper point. The lock back design also ensures the maximum amount of strength as well as safety.

You can carry this knife on your belt with the included genuine leather sheath and snap closure.


  • A sharper point for finer detail cutting.
  • A folding knife with the strength of a fixed blade knives.
  • Comes with a genuine leather sheath with a snap closure so that you can carry the belt on your belt.
  • One of the number one selling sports knives in the world.
  • Very positive ratings.


  • The tip breaks easily.
  • Much larger than the 110 specified.



As you can see there is a bit more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing the right Skinning Knife. Take your time to consider all the aspects before you choose the Best Skinning Knife so that you have a Knife that will ensure optimum performance.

Final Words:

From our perspective, the Outdoor Edge Razor-Lite Folding Hunting Knife 3-1/2″ Replaceable Stainless Steel Blade Kraton Handle, is a great option because of its replaceable blades and Kraton handles that provide excellent grip.

The Bone Collector Hand Made Skinning / Hunting Knife BC807 is a fine handcrafted Skinning Knife that can be used for hunting as well, not only is it a stunning design but also very functional and effective.

To conclude one of the best-rated Skinning and Hunting Knives by far is the Buck Knives 401 Kalinga Fixed Blade Knife, it is a favourite among many customers with no complaints only positive ratings.


Top Ten Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2018 [Don’t read Our Buying Guide]

The Bowie knife had a unique design which is originally meant for self-defense. Though today Bowie knives are being used by hunters, butchers for cutting meat as well as for wilderness survival. There are also knife enthusiasts who procure Bowie knives as collector’s items.Blacksmiths handcrafted the first few Bowie knives according to the particular requirements of an individual. Today you can find the Best Bowie Knife in most stores, although some collectors still prefer a custom-made Bowie knife.

The Bowie Knife is a very large and heavy knife that normally comes with a sheath that it was its kept in.

Our Top 3 Best Bowie Knife for You

We have listed a few of the top favorite best bowie knife on the market today;

 Winchester 22-41206 Big Bowie Knife (8.57-Inch) 


Gerber is a well-known knife brand popular for their very high-quality knives. One of the best high quality bowie knife models is, of course, the Gerber Winchester which is a large and sturdy knife with a rugged design.

This knife is one of the most versatile Bowie knives that you will find, used for hunting, survival, tactical, outdoor as well as many industrial situations.

Many customers who bought this knife applauded the amazing strength and durability of the blade.


 Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath – Best Survival Bowie Knife 


This is a solid, straight back knife that is designed superiorly with 420HC steel and a gorgeous satin finish.  Comfortable to handle, corrosion-resistant with excellent edge retention, the Buck Knives Frontiersman is a strong and durable Bowie knife.

Great for camping, hunting, and any other outdoor activity. Truly the best quality Bowie knife as well as the best survival Bowie knife.There were some excellent reviews on the full tang and full handle this knife features as well as the sharpness of the blade.


 Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife – Best Fixed Blade Under 50 


The Schrade SCHF45 Leroy is by far the Best Bowie Knife under $50.An ideal choice for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts because of its extreme durability. You will be able to perform many tasks with the greatest of ease as the blade is extremely sharp and the knife handles really well and easily.

This knife is great value for money, it is a bit on the heavy side which makes it even more perfect for heavy duty tasks.

Top 10 Best Bowie Knife Reviews in 2018:

Are you looking for the top rated and Best Bowie Knife? Well look no further, we have researched and listed the top reviewed Bowie Knives that are available today.

Here are the top-rated Bowie Knives;


1. Cold Steel Natchez Bowie 01 Steel Knife

A powerful and uniquely shaped Bowie Knife that is crafted to perfection. This will make an excellent option in Bowie Knives for collectors.



 A unique shape for extra strength.

 Perfectly balanced.

 The extremely sharp edge that retains its sharpness.

 A stunningly crafted design for collectors.

✓ Sharp out of the box.


⛔ The handle is not the most comfortable design.

⛔ Does not come with a much-required sheath.



2. Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife – Best Combat Fixed Blade Knife


You cannot go wrong with the Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Combat Bowie Fixed Blade Knife, an ideal choice for combat and field craft chores.

This bowie survival knife is complemented on its sharpness and for how long it can hold its edge.



  • The extremely sharp blade that holds its edge for a very long time.
  • Very quick to sharpen when necessary.
  • Can be used as a combat and survival knife.
  • Chops through wood easily.
  • The ergonomic Grivory handle aids in fighting hand fatigue.
  • Thoroughly tested for quality and durability…


⛔ The handle is a bit small and uncomfortable.

⛔ The sheath is not of the finest quality.




3. Timber Rattler Western Outlaw Bowie Knife – Best Bowie Knife for Survival

The Timber Rattler Western outlaw is the Best Bowie Knife for Survival purposes.

The blade is enormous and very thick giving it great strength and durability which is perfect in survival situations where you need to chop wood and cut through weeds and other vegetation.


  • An 113/8 inch blade made from stainless steel with a brass plated guard.
  • The blade has a full tang to ensure durability and strength.
  • The classic gray hardwood handle is comfortable to use and holds firmly in your hand.
  • A genuine leather sheath included in the package.
  • The stainless steel blade comes very sharp out of the box.


⛔ Because of the size and thickness of the blade, it is quite difficult to sharpen.




4. Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider Bowie – Best Bowie Knife under $100


The Ontario Spec Plus Marine Raider is the highest quality & a very large knife that is the best in its class for its price with some excellent reviews and ratings.


  • The handle provides excellent grip and has a hook on the bottom for when you need to choke down on the handle.
  • A full tang bowie knife that improves strength and durability.
  • The point of the blade is razor sharp and pierces through almost anything with ease.
  • The blade is very thick and durable.
  • A long and durable blade.


⛔ The edge of the knife is not very sharp and takes some time to sharpen.




5. Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle


With its broad clip point the blade on the Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master you have much less risk of the blade bending or breaking. The Kraton handle that comes with provides a non-slip and shock absorbing grip.

A well balanced, durable and powerful knife with intricate and precise detail to make it one of the best Bowie Knives.


  • The Blade will not bend or break because of the broader clip.
  • An extremely sharp point for easy penetration.
  • The blade back has a concave false edge honed by hand and speed buffed for superior sharpness.
  • A heavy feel for chopping wood and slashing strokes.
  • The checkered Kraton handle ensures non-slip, shock absorbing grip.
  • A sturdy and fixed double guard.
  • A durable and high-quality sheath which is included in the package.


⛔ There have been complaints of opened packaging and the wrong knife received.

⛔ Not as tough according to its price.





6. Cold Steel Natchez Bowie 01 Steel Knife

Flawlessly balanced; razor sharp blade and the best quality, that is what you will find in the Cold Steel Natchez Bowie Steel.

This beautifully designed knife is a true treasure as well as a multifunctional tool.


  • Very well balanced and handles well.
  • A comfortable and durable handle.
  • A Very sharp point that pierces easily.
  • The blade is also razor sharp and retains its edge for very long.
  • Very well crafted and a stunning design.


⛔ The updated model is said to be not as good as the original model.




7. Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife with Leather Sheath

If you are looking for the Best Quality Bowie knife, then look no further the Buck Knives 124 frontiersman with Fixed blade and leather sheath is right up there.

Buck Knives pride themselves on the excellence and experience that goes into the crafting of each and every one of their superior quality knives. Their knives are all guaranteed with a forever warranty because they believe in the quality and integrity of their products.



  • The steel blade with satin finish delivers strength, durability, great edge retention and corrosion resistance.
  • The blade is solid and fixed, perfect for outdoors and hunting.
  • The black genuine leather sheath is durable and of good quality.
  • An extremely sharp blade.


⛔ The handle is not rounded off well and slightly uncomfortable.

⛔ The retaining strap on the sheath is of poor quality.





8. Gerber Winchester Large Bowie Knife


The Gerber Winchester is a very large and rugged design of Bowie knife that is both durable and reliable.

The winchester fixed blade knife stainless steel blade holds very well and can be used for military, survival, hunting, tactical as well as many other outdoor situations.


  • winchester buck knife has great versatility and many uses.
  • Extremely sharp out of the box.
  • The sheath is made from the finest quality Guaita nylon that is very durable.
  • A very large knife for heavy-duty use.
  • Field tested for quality.


⛔ Blade scratches very easily.

⛔ The sheath unthreads easily.




9. Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife


A very affordable Bowie Knife with the traditional carbon steel blade, wood handle, and a leather sheath.

The handle is comfortable, a full tang and sharp blade that is more suited to light duty use.


  • You can choose from a carbon steel or stainless steel version.
  • This knife will make a great collectors addition.
  • The wood handle is comfortable and grips easily and the full tang ensures better strength.
  • Extremely affordable price for what you are getting.
  • Heavy and solid as well as quite durable.


⛔ Very straightforward design.

⛔ Comes very dull and takes some time to sharpen.




10. Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife


For the Best Bowie Knife under $50, look no further! The Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife is great quality for the money.

The ideal knife for dressing game, splitting, kindling and even self-defense, a great working knife that you can keep strapped to your hip.


  • Great quality for its price.
  • A Very sharp edge that holds quite well.
  • Stainless steel blade coated with titanium.
  • The blade is very long and thick with a full tang for improved power and durability.
  • Very comfortable and well balanced despite its heavy weight.
  • A plastic sheath is included with many eyelets and slots to add extra gear.


⛔ The handle scales are not well matched to the tang.

⛔ A rivet is missing on the sheath.



What are Bowie knives Used For?

A Bowie knife is a very large and heavy knife In general, but it is also an extremely powerful knife with fantastic cutting ability.

Here are few bowie knife uses;

➡ Hunting

The grip on the handle and the length of the blade make it perfect for a kill and the cutting power allows for easy cleaning and skinning.

➡ Combat and Defence

The size of the Bowie knife alone is enough to scare away an attacker. You should take advice though to go through proper training before trying to use this knife as a weapon.

➡ Survival

The Bowie knife is useful for creating a shelter as well as hunting food in a survival situation.The Bowie Knife is a multi-functional knife that can cut through almost anything.

What Features To Look For When Choosing The Best Bowie Knives?

You may find that there are many variations in the design of the Bowie knife. Before you make a choice on the Best Bowie Knife you will have to identify its exact purpose for use.

Here are a few features to look at when choosing the top Bowie Knife;

↗ The Material it is Made from

Traditionally Bowie Knives are made from Carbon steel because it is so easy to sharpen and stays sharp for a very long time. Today though you will find best Bowie Knives made from stainless steel alloys with other comparable materials, even anodized aluminum.

For a more authentic knife, we would advise that you opt for the carbon steel version.


↗ Size of the Blade

One of the main aspects of the best bowie knife is it enormous blade, although the function that the knife is intended for will determine the size of the blade.

For preppers and survivalists, a larger blade is recommended as it is better for chopping wood and clearing weeds and vegetation.

Small blades will allow you a more precise cut and are highly recommended for bushcraft skills, fishing, and skinning or cleaning meat.

1.The length of the Blade

The length of the blade of a Bowie Knife is another one of its trademarks, the blade can be anything from 9.5 inches and longer, although you do get shorter blades from about 5 inches today.
The longer the length the more striking the display for collectors of a Bowie Knife.

2.The Tang

The Tang who is the part where the blade and handle connects is normally quite heavy and a full tang is required in order for the knife not to break at the hilt.
For collectors, though the tang is not a concern as the knife is not going to be used.


What Are The Benefits Of Using The Best Bowie Knives?

There are many great benefits to having a Bowie Knife, particularly if you are a hunter, fisherman, survivalist or outdoors enthusiast, besides these a Bowie Knife is also a great defense tool with properly educated use.


Here are some of the excellent benefits of having the Best Bowie Knife;

↗ The Sharp Blade

  • The sharpness of the blade and curved tip makes an excellent tool for skinning and cleaning meat as well as for cutting and slicing meat.
  • The sharp blade will cut through almost anything and can be used to cut through wood, vegetation and even for a kill when hunting.


↗ The Large Size of the Blade

  • Because of the size and thickness of the blade, it is very durable and powerful.
  • You can chop wood, use the blade like a machete to cut through weeds.


↗ Versatility

  • The Bowie Knife is useful for small tasks such as preparing food when camping.
  • A great knife for hunting.
  • One of the best self-defense
  • Powerful and versatile enough for a survival tool.
  • A classic and stunning design sought by many collectors.


↗ Comfortable Design

  • Easy to grip and use the handle.
  • Heavy and sturdy.
  • Long Blade for better functionality


Final Words – Wrapping it up

The Bowie knife has a very long history and serves many purposes from functional to just collecting, it is a classically styled knife with many uses.There are many variations to the Bowie knife with a large amount of distinct and exquisite designs.The Bowie Knife is known for its intimidating size, sturdy design, and heavyweight.

The Cold Steel San Mai Trail Master Kraton Handle is one of our favorites because of its amicable quality and durability as well as its gorgeous design.

Whereas the Szco Supplies Carbon Steel Bowie Knife is the best value for money that you will get, not meant for extreme heavy duty tasks it is still versatile and durable and the most affordable Bowie Knife.

Lastly, the Schrade SCHF45 Leroy Full Tang Bowie Fixed Blade Knife is also a more affordable knife. It is a gigantic, heavy duty, thick, razor sharp and durable, all the qualities that should be evident in the Best Bowie Knife.


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Best Spyderco Knives 2018 (Our Top Pick With Detailed Reviews)

More than 30 years of experience, research and development have gone into finding the best steel and handle materials as well as manufacturing methods in order to create a Spyderco Knife.So when you hold a Spyderco knife in your hand you know that you are holding true quality and that it most definitely is the Best Spyderco Knife.

Spyderco knives are basically pocket knives with an ergonomically designed handle for better grip and a pocket or belt clip for more convenient carrying, although there are also non-foldable Spyderco Knife options available.

Spyderco EDC Knives uses some of the best available steels in the industry along with the proper heat treatment of the blades to manufacture their knives giving you the best knife blade geometry, edge, and bevel.

Our Four Favorites Best Spyderco Knife in 2018 Available Today


Here are a few of the best models in the different types of Spyderco Knives;  

a. The Best Spyderco Folding Knife

The Spyderco Tenacious is known as the Best Spyderco Folding Knife and is one of Spyderco’s most adored Knives in the world.

If you are looking for quality craftsmanship in a respectable and tough knife that is quite affordable, then the Spyderco Tenacious is just right for you.

b. The Best Spyderco Knife for EDC

One of the best Knives for EDC would most certainly be the SpydercoDelica 4 Lightweight.

One of the most favorite choices of the crowd the SpydercoDelica 4 is well known for its high resistance. This is the Best Spyderco knife can be used over and over again for a variety of functions as it is made to be utilitarian.

c. The Best Spyderco Knife for Self Defense

Designed by a famous knife makers Fred Perrin the Spyderco Street Beat is the Best Spyderco Knife for Self Defence.

The Street Beat is a small sheath knife that can be well concealed and provides an excellent fighting grip.

Razor sharp, well balanced and comes with A Bolatronsheath which you can wear with a large variety of clothing types.

d. The Best Spyderco Pocket Knife

The Best Spyderco Pocket Knife is by far the SpydercoManix 2, with its-its exceptional ball bearing lock and SpyderHole.  This Knife also comes in a heavier or lighter weight model.



What to Look For When Choosing The Best Spyderco Knife?

When you are looking for a knife to every day carry with you the Spyderco is just right, you will always find a use for it.

Before you dive in and buy a Spyderco knife let us first look at a few considerations to be taken to ensure that you purchase the Best Spyderco Knife for your requirements;


   A. The Blade Coating

The blade knives come in either Black Electric Plating which is a non-reflective coating on the knife steel, DLC coating, diamond-like carbon or Titanium Carbonitride coating which is a ceramic film coating providing high abrasion resistance.

   B. Blade Grinds

Resembles a double-edged knife but sharpened only on one side of the blade.

A secondary edge on the spine of the blade.

The blade is ground with flat bevels from the center on.

blade ground with flat bevels from the spine to the cutting edge.

The blade comes ground with convex radiused bevels.

The blade is ground with levels that have a concave radius extending to the full width of the blade.

Also a chisel grind.

The bevel on the spine is unsharpened, considered as a false edge if it was sharpened.

Similar to a full and flat ground but without a secondary bevel at the cutting edge.

Similar to the Zero grind but the plane of the bevel carries on creating a cutting edge.

   C. Blade Shapes


A hollow ground blade that has a blunt tip.


A primary cutting edge with a more curved belly and clipped point.


A sharpened primary edge and spine.


The Blades spine has a subtle convex arc to its point.


The blade is sharpened on the concave side and is curved.


A non-symmetrical spear point shape.


The ground on the spine and angled.


A blunt rounded tip and straight edge on the blade.


An asymmetrical blade that has to curve on the spine and cutting edge.


The point of the knife tapers down from the spine and meets the cutting edge in a straight line at the tip.

   D. Clips

Well concealed in your pocket.

Molded Clip to form part of the knife handle.

Made of stainless steel or Titanium.

A spring-loaded barrel clip that has a release button.

This clip is made from formed heat treated wire and attached to a screw or barrel bolt. 

   E. Handle Materials







» G-10







   F. Different Locking Mechanisms

A locking mechanism at the back of the handle.

A more compressive lock that basically wedges the ball bearing between a fixed anvil and the tang of the blade.

A spring loaded bolt locking mechanism.

A lock bar developed by Chris Reeve a famous knife maker.

A lock mechanism with a leaf-like

Non-Locking the blade has a tab or lever from the tang from where it gets folded.

Non-Locking the blade is held open by a spring joint.

A Non-locking mechanism.

Custom made by Michael Walker.



What Makes a Spyderco Knife So Special?

The Spyderco knife is well known for its extreme edge holding ability and innovative designs.

The ergonomics on the handle of each knife is also the best in its class.

Here are a few fantastic characteristics that make the best Spyderco Knife so exceptional;

The Best Edge Holding Ability

Manufactured from the finest quality cold steel using manufacturing methods that ensure not only the sharpest blade but also the best edge holding capabilities.

Ergonomic Handle

The handles are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to ensure the best and most comfortable grip.

The Locking Mechanisms.

Different locking mechanisms to choose from that give you 100% safety and surety that the blade will stay closed.

Locking mechanisms also allow for easy opening of the blade.

Ten Best Spyderco Knives and Their Reviews

Here are some of the top chosen models of Spyderco Knives that are available today;


1. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife


The Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Knife is known for being one of the toughest Spyderco Knives that holds its edge very well. The stainless blade is leaf-shaped and ground flat from the spine for the best cutting performance.


  • Extremely tough and tireless.
  • The oversized Spyderco Round Hole and textured spine jimping allow for easy and slip-proof opening.
  • A sturdy and durable pocket clip.
  • Very large and durable knife.
  • Lightweight for its size.
  • Corrosion resistant.


  • A very large knife that takes up all the space in your pocket.


2. Spyderco Tenacious Folding Knife, G-10 Black Handle, Plain Edge, Black Blade

A medium sized Tenacious Folding Knife from Spyderco with an ergonomically designed handle that reduces hand fatigue and a stainless blade with the non-reflective black coating.


  • Blade handle designed ergonomically for easy and comfortable grip.
  • Non-reflective black coating.
  • A four-way pocket clip for a variety of carrying on options.
  • The blade opens easily and confidently.
  • A durable steel blade that holds its edge very well.


  • Pivot screws came over tightened and the blade would not flip open.
Check price on Amazon


3. SpydercoParaMilitary 2 G-10 Plain Edge Knife


The SpydercoParaMilitarygets made from the highest quality materials for the toughest and most durable Spyderco Knife.  This knife features a plain edge and CPM-S30V steel used for the blade.


  • Tested for the best quality and durability & considered one of the Best Spyderco Knife.
  • A 14mm round hole for when you have gloves on.
  • The clip-point flat ground blade comes modified for the best performance levels.
  • A secure and safe nested compression lock.


  • There are some inconsistencies in the finer details of the knife.
  • Maybe a fake.


Check price on Amazon

4. Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife

This is a folding knife with the highest quality steel blade and a liner lock system along with a silhouette wire pocket clip.

The edge of this Spyderco Folding Knife is ground flat for precise cutting and the handle is made from twill-woven carbon fiber for better grip capabilities.


  • A flat ground plain edge ensures precise cutting.
  • The twill-woven carbon fiber handle is easy to grip.
  • A safe and secure Liner Lock system.
  • A perfect EDC knife because of its light weight.
  • The Very sharp blade that holds its edge well.


  • The blade stains and catches your fingerprints quite easily.
Check price on Amazon



5. Spyderco Dragonfly Plain Edge Knife

The Spyderco Dragonfly Plain Edge Knife is a light and compact folding knife with a leaf-shaped blade made from premium V10 stainless steel.

Known as the perfect pocket knife, small enough to keep concealed in a pocket and large enough to function as a tough knife it should.


  • Made from the finest VG10 stainless steel.
  • A full flat grind blade for perfect sharpness and durability.
  • Perfect size for the pocket knife and still tough.
  • An injection molded fiberglass reinforced nylon handle with Bi-Direction patterns for the best grip you will find.


  • The Screw on the blade tends to come loose.
  • Beware of counterfeit products, there were some complaints about this.
Check price on Amazon


6. Spyderco Southard Folder G-10 Plain Edge Knife, Brown

The Spyderco Southard is a well-engineered folding knife made from the highest quality materials. Easy to fold open and a reliable locking system.


  • The steel does not scratch or chip.
  • Very well engineered and the materials used are of the finest quality.
  • Tested to ensure quality and durability.
  • A flipper blade-opening device for easy opening.
  • The blade is hollow ground.
  • The Reeve integral lock system ensures a secure and safe lock.


  • Does not last very long.
  • Beware of counterfeit knives make sure you have an original.
  • The area where the clip screws onto the flame, are unfinished and do not have the same edge as the frame.
Check price on Amazon


7. Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point Plain Edge Knife, Black

A lightweight hunting knives/camping knife that which is designed by the knife making legend Bill Moran.

The drop point blade makes this the ideal outdoor knife, perfect for all types of chores & considered one of the best Spyderco knives for camping.



  • A great size but still lightweight.
  • Comes with a durable and reliable sheath.
  • Can be clipped onto your belt.
  • High quality for an affordable price.
  • Very sharp VG10 Steel blade that holds its edge very well.
  • The handle comes manufactured from injection molded reinforced fiberglass nylon for the best grip.


  • The edge starts too far away from the grip.
  • Not a full tang.
  • The handle is a bit short.

Check price on Amazon


8. Spyderco Street Beat Plain Edge Fixed Knife with 3.49″ Blade

The Spyderco Street Beat Plain Edge Fixed Knife with 3.49″ Blade has an Injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle and blade covered with black ceramic blade coating.

Lightweight with a fixed blade knife and comes with a durable sheath.



  • A strong and durable blade that is fixed and lightweight.
  • A sturdy and well-made
  • The Injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle ensures excellent grip.
  • Constructed from a strong and durable full-length piece of steel of the finest quality
  • Wel balanced and finished off.


  • The belt clip is quite awkward.
Check price on Amazon


9. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 Black Blade Knife – Best Spyderco Knife for Self Defense

This great knife from Spyderco features a G-10 handle that is a bit narrower at the grip position for more slip resistance and a flat ground from spine to cutting edge for more precise cutting.

The two position pocket clip allows for tip-up or tip-down carrying as well as a piped lanyard hole as another carry option.


  • Well finished with a diamond-like coating.
  • A securely nested compression lock with spine and choiljimping in a screw together construction.
  • Easy to use the four-way
  • The new Pivot Bushing system makes opening and closing of the blade feel much smoother.
  • The blade ensures clean and precise cuts.
  • Considered a very useful tactical knife for self-defense


  • The coating on the blade stains quite easily and has an oily appearance.

Check price on Amazon


10. Spyderco Endura4 Lightweight FRN Flat Ground PlainEdge Knife

The Spyderco endura 4 is a lightweight knife with a flat ground plain edge.

This knife has exceptional quality blade steel, is a perfect weight, comes extremely sharp out of the box and has a stunning appearance.


  • The four-way clip with screw together construction allows for more carry options.
  • The FRN Bi-Directional handle has textured detail for better grip capabilities.
  • An enlarged opening hole allows for use with gloves.
  • A tough and durable spine jimping flat ground blade.


  • Deployment of the blade is not very smooth.
Check price on Amazon

Wrapping It Up

Spyderco does an exorbitant amount of research and development before deploying a new model of Spyderco Knife and relies very much on customer reviews and ratings.

Best Spyderco Knife is designed to deliver the optimum levels of performance with the best steels used for the blades and well-designed handles and folding and locking mechanisms to ensure a safe and easy to use a knife.

The Spyderco Sage Carbon Fiber Plain Edge Knife is one of the best EDC knives and stays extremely sharp holding its edge very well. The Spyderco Dragonfly Plain Edge Knife with its VG-10 steel blade is one of the best pocket knives with a great handle for better grip.

Lastly the Spyderco Bill Moran Drop Point Plain Edge Knife, Black, which is designed by knife making icon Bill Moran, is a versatile knife that can is excellent to be used in almost any situation, an ideal option for hunting and camping.


  • 4.9/5
  • 153 ratings
153 ratingsX
Very bad!BadHmmmOkeGood!



Best Camping Knife in 2018 [Your Ultimate Survival Guide Right Now]

The term “Camping Knives” basically refers to either a pocket knife, Swiss army knife, big and heavy knife, or any other type of knife used for activities that have to do with camping and survival.Therefore the best camping knife solely depends on the exact purpose it is to be used for, whether as an all-purpose tool, for fishing, first aid, and protection or just for preparing food.

If you have tried out a range of different types of knives to find the best camping knives, to no avail then look no further as we have narrowed down the search for you.

Top 5 Camping Knives in 2018 – Our Staff Picks Comparision Chart

ProductKnife TypeRatings

Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife
Swiss Knife (4.8 / 5)

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife
Fixed Blade Knife (4.7 / 5)

Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe
Pocket Folding Knife (4.7 / 5)

Benchmade - Griptilian 551 Folding Knife
Folding Knife (4.7 / 5)

Spyderco Tenacious
Spyderco Folding Knife (4.6 / 5)


Ten Best Camping Knife Review:

Here are some of our top picks in camping knives that have the highest ratings and most positive reviews;


1. Buck Knives 505rws Knight Pocket Knife

This is a small and versatile knife that is convenient to carry in your pocket and that serves its purpose effectively.


  • A small and durable steel blade that is razor sharp.
  • Very small and easy to keep in a pocket or handbag.
  • Easy to use and lightweight.
  • Comes with a Buck Forever warranty to ensure quality.
  • A comfortable and classic Rosewood Dymondwood handle with a nickel silver bolster.
  • Great for light duty tasks and a small and expedient size.
  • Also a good choice for an emergency medical kit.



  • The wood panel attached to the two bolsters is not well fitted and feel loose.

2. Spyderco Tenacious Plain Edge Folding Knife – Best Folding Camping Knife

The Spyderco Tenacious straight edge is a convenient folding knives of the highest quality that is one of the best options for an all around camping knife.


  • Blade materials Made from the finest quality materials to improve functionality and durability.
  • One of the most popular and trusted names in cutlery.
  • A comfortable and sturdy handle.
  • This product is tested for quality and durability.



  • There have been some complaints that customers have received a fake Spyderco knife, so make sure that you order the genuine brand.




3. Buck Knives 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath-Best Camping Knife under 50


The Best Camping Knife under 50. Tough, durable and versatile, this is truly a winner for any camping trips.


  • A steel clip blade with a very sharp point for more detailed tasks.
  • A lock back design that improves strength and safety.
  • TheDymondwood handle with brass bolsters is sturdy and comfortable to handle.
  • Included in the package is a genuine leather sheath with a snap closure so you can carry the knife on your belt.



  • The hinge and lock are said to be gritty and stiff.
  • Not well finished off like older models from this brand.


4. Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife

You can prepare food, even dress a deer with this exceptional Canadian belt knife made from cold steel.


  • A thick and durable blade.
  • The handle is made from high impact polypropylene.
  • A spear point blade for more versatile use.
  • A great Cold steel knife for deer hunting and other Big game…
  • Good quality for its price.



  • Not suitable for heavy cutting.
  • The handle is small and slippery.



5. Benchmade – Griptilian 551 Knife

The benchmade griptilian with its coated finish and drop-point style blade is lightweight and durable making it the perfect knife for camping and the outdoors & considered one of the best ultralight best camping knives we reviewed in this post!


  • Very lightweight because of the drop-point style blade.
  • Made from long-lasting and durable materials such as Glass Filled Nylon and stainless steel.
  • It has an innovative Axis mechanism for more durable and convenient use.
  • A very strong and versatile knife.



  • The handles are not of the best quality.
  • Not the best value for money.



6. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, American Flag, 58mm – Best Victorinox Knife For Camping


By far the best camping multi tools knife for camping survival. The Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife is all you will need for a camping trip as it contains all the tools and equipment in one multi-tool.


  • This knife includes a blade, a file, screwdriver, scissors, key ring, tweezer and a toothpick.
  • You can fit it comfortably in your pocket or on any key ring.
  • Great craftsmanship and quality as with any Swiss army knives.
  • A trendy and fashionable American Flag design.
  • The perfect option for a gift.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee



  • A very small knife.
  • Not exactly as advertised.



7.  Fallkniven F1 Thermorun Handle Plain Zytel Sheath

A flawlessly crafted knife, the FallKniven with Thermorun handle and sheath is a true trooper when it comes to camping knives. A medium sized knife for many different tasks with an extremely sharp blade.


  • Very sharp and symmetrical blades.
  • A convenient and easy to handle size.
  • Comes with a functional Zytel sheath.
  • Laminated VG-10 steel used in the blade.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle with its convenient medium size and shape.



  • Cheaply made retaining strap and nylon.
  • Some have reported chipping, rusting and pitting of the blade.




8. Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Carbon Steel Blade – Best Mora Knife For Camping

Definitely the best cheap camping knife. Made from stainless steel with a patterned high-friction grip, you cannot go wrong with the Morakniv Companion as an outdoor camping knife.


  • The fixed blade is manufactured from hardened Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel for versatility and strength.
  • Comfortable and easy to hold with the patterned high-friction grip handle.
  • Comes with a color matching sheath and belt clip for convenience.
  • Affordable price for excellent quality and craftsmanship.
  • Quality ensured with the limited lifetime manufacturer’s



  • Some of the knives received seemed to be defective and chipped.
  • Not very sharp.



9.  Opinel Carbon Blade No8 Folding Knife

The Opinel Carbon Blade Folding Knife is a convenient and safe knife for camping that performs many functions. Very sturdy and comfortable to handle.


  • A tough and durable carbon steel blade.
  • The hardwood handle is comfortable and easy to handle.
  • Safe to use with the stainless steel locking collar.
  • The locking collar also prevents accidental opening.
  • A simple and sturdy design for maximum utility. Buck 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath.
  • The convenience of a folding knife for easy storage and safekeeping



  • The blade will rust quickly if not taken care of well.
  • Carbon steel is a bit flimsy.
  • Has to be kept clean and oiled or it will rust.



10. BlizeTec Titanium Folding Knife with G10 Handle – Best Camping Outdoor Knife

The Blize Tec Titanium folding knife is a premium survival gear tool for the great outdoors. A convenient pocket size, yet tough and durable with many exceptional functions.


  • A sharp 20-degree droppoint blade and mini emergency lanyard that comes with a nylon pouch.
  • Not too heavy yet still sturdy and small enough to keep in your pocket.
  • The handle designs ensure solid and comfortable grip.
  • The knife has partially serrated blades and the liner lock ensures safe locking of the blade.
  • Heat, water, and corrosion resistant.
  • Comes with a lifetime value quality insurance.
  • Perfect for heavy-duty tasks.



  • Large and bulky knife.

What is the best camping knife?

There are many knives to choose from in the search for the perfect camping knives which entirely depends on the purpose of the knife.


Here are a few options to consider;

Assist opening/Switch Blade knives

This knife can be any size or shape and has the main function of flipping open with manual initiation. This knife is excellent for protection when you need it fast.

 The Bowie Knife

A large sheath knife with a crossguard, sheath carry that you can clip on and use for outdoor survival adventures.


The Clip Folder

A knife that folds closed and has an added clip on the handle for easy attachment to your belt or pocket. Easy to carry with you for everyday use.


 The Dagger

The dagger is basically a double-edged knife with a central spine and a full blade length. One of your best protection knives for the wild outdoors.


The Machete

The machete has a long and heavy blade design. This knife is perfect for chopping through thick vegetation in the bush.


A Multi Tool Knife

This is a self-contained tool that has a small knife, pliers, drivers, files, bottle openers and much more necessities for a camping trip or everyday outdoor wilderness survival.


➧ The Pocket Knife

similar to the multi tool a pocket knife contains a few folding knife blades along with a few other nifty tools.


 The Survival Knife

A fixed blade knife for cutting wood and larger objects to build fires and shelters, as well as for protection against wildlife.


A Swiss Army Knife

Similar to the pocket knives the Swiss Army knife has many handy implements that fold into the handle. This is one of the most popular and best quality designs in a multi-tool knife.

A Few of Our Top Pick Camping Knives Listed Below:


The Swiss Army Knife

We have chosen the Victorinox Huntsman Red 91mm as the best available Swiss Army knife for camping.

A knife that contains every tool that you may require during a camping trip or even just for everyday use. Fits neatly into your pocket and carries the famous Swiss quality.

This is a user-friendly, multi-functional and great quality knife which we most definitely recommend for every camping trip and even just everyday use.


Survival Knife

The best camping survival knife is no doubt the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife.

This is a heavy duty field knife with a steel full tang and hard shell black nylon sheath. Perfect for all camping chores and as the best camping and survival knives.

Perfect for many different functions and chores that you may need to perform on a camping trip.

The Pocket knife

Also the best camping knives under 100, the Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe.

The old faithful pocket knife may not be able to perform heavy-duty functions such as splitting wood or have multiple tools such as its Swiss counterpart but it is certainly versatile when you need it and convenient to keep close by.

Kershaw manufactures knives that are of the highest quality using the most intensive craftsmanship. This best camping pocket knife will provide you with a lifetime of performance and quality.




What to Consider when Choosing the Best Camping Knife for Yourself?


A knife is an essential everyday carry tool and an absolute necessity for any camping trip. Finding a good and reliable knife can be tricky as an expensive knife does not always ensure quality, there are many options both expensive and cheap you just need to know exactly what to look for.

There are a few brands that stand out when it comes to utility knives but we will look at the top-rated models that should be your best choices for survival knives a bit further on.

A. A Fixed or Folding Knife

For more light-duty tasks such as preparing food, cutting trims and threads folding knives would be a good option.

On the other hand, when you are looking to chop through wood and vegetation the more heavy duty fixed blade knives will come in handy.

B. What Must it be Able to Cut

Cutting through packages and threads, slicing and preparing food, cutting meat, and chopping wood and bushes are all very different activities.

You will need to choose your knife according to the activities you are going to be performing, as different functions put different demands on the blade.

C. How will you use the knife?

The task you will be performing with your best camping knife will dictate the shape of the blade.

You will have to choose between three different grinds on the knife, the hollow grind, the flat grind and the convex grind.

D. What kind of knife blade steel do I want?

When you have chosen a knife that is the right shape and appropriate to the task it will be performing you will also need to take a look at the types of steel is made from.

You can choose from high carbon, non-stainless, super steel or stainless steel blade, the choice once again depends on the task the knife will be performing.

E. What do I want the knife to look like?

Lastly, the appearance and size of the knife should also be considered. Do you want a small folder knife, a Swiss army utility knife, or a large camping hunting knives that you can attach to your belt? Keep in mind convenience and the space you have to keep the knife.




What Are The Benefits of Having The Best Knife for Camping?

There just is no camping without a camping knife. You will need the best camping knife for every aspect of your camping trip.

Here are a few essential benefits of the best camping knife;

1. Preparing Food

  • Whether it’s peeling fruit, cutting through meat or just sharpening a stick to cook marshmallows, in the preparation of food a knife is essential.
  • Cleaning the fish you just caught and preparing it for the fire will also come in handy with a sharp camping knife.
  • Opening packages are also much easier with a good knife.Also, this type of knives comes handy as a fire starter when camping.

2. Fishing

  • Cutting the line, removing hooks, a good knife is always useful for fishing.
  • Some fishing knives such as utility knives come with tools such as pliers and bottle openers which also come in handy for a fishing trip. This one couldn’t be more obvious for a fisherman.

3. First Aid

  • Removing splinters is easier with a multi-tool camping knife.
  • You may have to cut bandages or fashion a tourniquet where you will benefit from the best camping knife.

4. Cutting Wood

  • It’s easier to Cut wood for fire with a large camping knife.
  • Cutting through thick vegetation for a path, or to make a shelter.

5. Protection

  • To slow down a human attacker any knife will come in handy.
  • You can protect yourself against wildlife with the best camping knife.


To Sum Up:

The BlizeTec Titanium Folding Knife with G10 Handle we will truly add as one of the best camping knife, it is a convenient size and a safe and versatile option that can cut through almost anything.

The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife, American Flag,58mm may not be the toughest knife but it has many very functional and much-needed tools for any camping trip and because of its small size can be kept on a keychain or in a small pocket.

We are ending with the Buck 110 Famous Folding Hunter Knife with Genuine Leather Sheath, a true gem for any hunter, camper or outdoors enthusiast. It is tough, versatile, and sharp, and comes with a durable and great looking sheath.

There is a knife for every task you may find one that is versatile enough for all your camping needs or need two different styles for different tasks. Whatever may be your preference these best camping knives are top branded high quality, functional knives that will stand the test of time.


  • 4.7/5
  • 158 ratings
158 ratingsX
Very bad!BadHmmmOkeGood!