10 Best Electric Fillet Knife Review in 2018

Now that you have the best fishing spot and you are sure of bringing home a catch every day, the next big thing that you should think of is how you are going to clean the fish. The type of filleting knife that you have will make a big difference on whether you are going to enjoy the preparation process or struggle with it.… Read the rest


5 Best Fillet Knife For Fishing Reviews in 2019 [Tested & Compared By Experts]

Is it hard getting a durable and perfect fillet knife from thousand of options? Well, there are a plenty of knives available in the market. But, finding the best fillet knife requires some methodical approach.

Some readers may wonder, “Fillet knife! What is that?”

No problem!

You are going to find the answer in here! This discussion will help you in understanding the difference between a general knife and a filleting knife.… Read the rest