Best Ceramic Knife Reviews 2018 (Check Our Complete Buying Guide)

As a stay-at-home mom of two beautiful children, I’ve been using knives for as long as I can remember to cook, prepare BBQs, and whatnot. From my long experience, the biggest complain I have about them is that they need sharpening all too often.

After using steel knives for decades, I was introduced to ceramic knives by a friend and was immediately hooked.… Read the rest

Top 3 Best Oyster Knife Reviews (2018 Model Compared Extensively)

For all of the oyster fanatics out there you will know that the best oyster knife can make all the difference!

There is nothing better than a plate of finely dressed raw oysters in a half shell.It may not seem that it is much involved in opening the shell of such a docile creature as an oyster, but those that know what it is all about also know the effort and precision that goes into opening the shell of an oyster.Therefore you are in need of the top oyster knife in order to do the job properly;


3 Best Oyster Knife – Comparisons

If you are looking for a powerful knife that has a non-slip handle, rounded point and can resist wear and tear.… Read the rest


Best Chinese Cleaver For 2018 (Top 5 Recommendation for You)

Chinese chefs are well-known for their exquisite and varied cuisine.The knife that is most used by Chines chefs is, of course, the Chinese cleaver, because of its versatility.For those who are not all that familiar with the cleaver knife choosing the Best Chinese cleaver may come as quite a difficult task. The best Chines cleaver will have the primary function of delivering the finest and most precise cuts using an extremely sharp blade.… Read the rest

Best Japanese Kitchen Knife 2018 [Patricia’s Five Top Recommendation]

Japanese have a specific knife which is the best Japanese kitchen knife for each specific task in preparing traditional Japanese food.Most Japanese knives are only single beveled which means they are sharpened on one side only. Over the years the Japanese have started to incorporate more Western Knife shapes into their knives.

Most Japanese knives are made by hand using the finest quality steel using superior craftsmanship, therefore Japanese knives will almost always outperform any other Western knife.… Read the rest

Best Sushi Knife Guide ~ Top 5 Selections By Expert!

Making sushi is an intricate process with many steps; cutting the fish, the vegetables and then, in the end, the roll itself.The best sushi knife has a multi-faceted design that enables it to cut through the fish and vegetables as well as cut a neat and clean sushi roll.The best available sushi knife is usually made from high-carbon steel rather than stainless steel giving it better quality, longer lasting durability and a more lightweight feel.… Read the rest


Best Santoku Knife Reviews in 2018 ~ Our Top Picks

Choosing one product can be difficult since there are many appealing options available. Knowing this, we set out to find the Best Santoku Knife on the market. You can use our list to find the best one for your cooking needs.

Best Santoku Knife Comparisons in 2018

Product NamemanufacturersBlade SizeEditor Ratings

Shun Premier Santoku Knife
Shun7-Inch (4.7 / 5)

Wusthof Classic Ikon 7-Inch Santoku
Wüsthof7-Inch (4.8 / 5)
Global G-48 Santoku Hollow Ground Knife

Global G-48 - 7 inch, 18cm Santoku Hollow Ground Knife
Global7-Inch (4.8 / 5)

Wusthof 4183-7 Wusthof Classic 7-Inch Santoku Knife, Hollow Edge
Wüsthof7-Inch (4.9 / 5)

Victorinox 7-Inch Fibrox Granton Edge Santoku Knife
Victorinox7-Inch (5 / 5)

There are plenty of santoku knives out there, so let’s narrow the list down to only the highest rated models.… Read the rest


10 Best Boning Knife Reviews in 2018 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Boning is a major step in food preparation but finding the best boning knife is not as easy as it sounds!

A knife for boning is a specialized knife used to remove bones from meat, fish or poultry and to fillet meat into small boneless pieces.

A good boning knife should be able to remove bone from fish, meat, and other poultry animals with precision and without making a mess.… Read the rest

Best Folding Fillet Knife in 2018 [Your Ultimate Buying Guide]

Folding Fillet knives are used for cutting fish into pieces of various shapes and sizes. These types of knives also work best when cutting meat.

The best part is that a fillet knife can be utilized anywhere either in the kitchen or by someone professional at the restaurants.

Using these knives can be as easy as anything. Thus the significance of the filleting knife is very imperative and cannot be overlooked.… Read the rest