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How To Reheat Casserole [Step By Step Guide]

Reheating food is a good way to keep foods safe from poisoning or being wastage. In our daily life, it is a common method.

Generally, after a meal, we have leftover food which is not for throwing away. In this case, we can reheat the food items and preserve them for the next meal. For example, casserole or roasted beef is the appropriate food items for reheating process.… Read the rest

12 Sushi Making Tips At Home

Origin of Sushi

How to make sushi at homeSushi is a very popular kind of food these days. A lot of people say that they like eating sushi because it is a different kind of food and it tastes good also.

However, sushi is eaten with chopsticks and fingers. Sushi has a great food quality and it can also be used as a great meal option for breakfast, lunch or dinner.Read the rest

25 Best Wilderness Backpacking Trips

wilderness backpacking trips

What makes you happy?  The answer will of course vary from one man to another. But happiness is found best at the outdoor.

The modern materialistic world may make us think that spending our wealth for material goods may bring us the smile.

However possessions start to get down after a while and wise choices are those that maximize our experiences and pleasure.… Read the rest

Expand Your Culinary Knowledge with 15 Knife Techniques for Cutting Vegetables

Last 2 month, our Editor-In-Chief (oftentimes called as ‘Mr. Fogg), a food and travel enthusiast has been traveling around the world in 80 days –

in search of the best things to eat from restaurants from coast to coast.

No, there was no wager set!

And sadly, neither did he employ me, the Former Curator on his Bon Voyage.


Fortunately, our Editor-In-Chief did bring me a Fillet Knife Souvenir!… Read the rest

12 Useful Camping Gear You Must Have

Useful Camping Gear Ideas

You have been running around throughout the day to manage your upcoming backpacking trip, Camping permit has been obtained, Food and drinks are okay, Clothes are packed- Now In all that chaos, have you forgotten something really necessary?

Most of us while planning a backpacking trip does not consider this as a legitimate question and often do this mistake of forgetting things that should have been brought.… Read the rest

Crafting the Art of Rolling and Cutting the Sushi [Learn How To Cut Sushi Rolls]

Sushi is one of those Japanese cuisines that are made with great dedication, expertise and craftsmanship.

No matter how many different kinds of sushi rolls are prevalent in the market, a true and great piece of sushi is made with inanimate care starting from its aging and cooking process and crafted by infamous cutting, shaping and garnishing techniques to deliver the peak of flavor to the sushi roll at its best.… Read the rest

Five Easy Steps For Filleting a Fish With a Knife


fish filleting


Filleting the Fish all By Yourself

Ever came up with a seafood recipe resembling mouth-watering fish fillet with the sweet chili sauce that melts in the mouth? Or maybe just like me you are also a sushi-addict but got no idea on how to fillet the fish so perfectly for the sashimi?

No wonder your senses must have drifted away in the appetizing steamy fish recipes.… Read the rest


Ten Ways Using Kitchen Knife Like Pros

The start of a perfectly cooked meal is the being properly sliced into pieces. Proper shape of food items determines its boiling and compatible mixing with other ingredients while mixing. No matter how perfect you are while adding spices or salt in your cooking, imperfection in cutting takes a toll. People who are skilled in using kitchen knives have this advantage and one step ahead in winning people’s heart with their culinary charisma.Read the rest